Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And So It Begins!

Welcome to Rational Answers. This blog is dedicated to the propositions that:
  1. There are rational answers to the fundamental questions of our origin, purpose and destiny.

  2. Humanity has already accumulated the requisite scientific, philosophical and spiritual knowledge to produce these answers.

  3. These answers show us that Reality is rational without being nihilistic and also purposeful without being absurd.

This blog is not a hypothetical speculation. In another medium I have already used the knowledge mentioned in Proposition 2 to generate a framework in which I show the validity of Propositions 1 and 3.

The blog format is the proverbial eye of the needle through which that camel that is my entire framework would be hard-pressed to pass. As such, I will simply be trying to convey the essence of my reasoning here. You can also expect to encounter occasional commentaries on content from other media that encroach on this domain, along with an occasional wild-eyed rant.


Karen said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Rational Answers! Having read some of your work before, I eagerly await gaining new insights and understanding.

From nothing comes something: your blog has arrived!

Rational Answers said...

Thank you, Karen. Since you were the last person I spoke to about the prospect of starting a blog before I actually did it, your words represented the tipping point. I am truly grateful to you for that (so far :-) ).

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