Friday, June 20, 2008

You Might Be a Genius If…

  • You might be a genius if you spent a significant portion of your youth wondering why other people could not answer “simple” questions.
  • You might be a genius if you see cognitively challenged people as the rule, not the exception.
  • You might be a genius if you have stopped looking up to famous geniuses and started relating to them.
  • You might be a genius if you see Mensa as a group of posers.
  • You might be a genius if the people around you have a variety of self-servingly wrong explanations for why they can’t do the things you can do.
  • You might be a genius if you frequently have to dumb it down to keep people from feeling intimidated by you.
  • You might be a genius if you often add extra layers to activities you’re engaged in just to make them interesting.
  • You might be a genius if it takes a conscious effort on your part to avoid spoiling any attempt to surprise you.
  • You might be a genius if you truly believe that insufficient time is the only thing that keeps you from solving any problem that matters to you.
  • You might be a genius if words like paradox, unknowable and unsolvable excite you.


Stew said...

There is a difference between being "Knowledgeable" and thus a "GENIUS" and "Wisdom" and WISE . . . wisdom knows compassion and judging from some of your sentiments you have "SLIPPED FROM A STATE OF COMPASSION".

It happens when you get older. I too am 50 and had the temptation to view "others progress" and come to an awareness that I am "either worse or better".

It is an EMPTY activity and causes retro-regression - inside and outside and THAT is not genius.

good luck

Rational Answers said...

1) I'm speaking of genius in the context of being able to consistently function cognitively at 5 or more standard deviations above the mean. It can lead to wisdom and compassion but it is not synonymous with them.

2) "SLIPPED FROM A STATE OF COMPASSION", LMAO!!! You think you know, but you have no idea!

3) Why would I care about "others progress" in my effort to become/remain the most brilliant instance of me to every walk the Earth? I am my only true competition in this race so I can't lose. But I am striving to insure that the instance of me who thinks my last thought is the winner.

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